Department of Science Laboratory Technology

Course Description

National Diploma Science Laboratory Technology, ND (SLT)
-Mode of Study: Full-time
-Timetable: Day
-Duration: 4 Semesters
Entry Requirements: WASC, GCE (O/L), SSCE, NECO, NABTEB or equivalent with credits in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Biology/Agricultural Science, Chemistry and one other subject from Technical Drawing, Metal or Wood work, Basic Electricity, Geography, Further Mathematics and Fine Art.

JAMB Subjects are: 1. English Language, 2. Mathematics, 3. Physics, 4. Chemistry

Course Objectives

The programme’s goal is to produce technicians capable of carrying out various laboratory analysis and practical works under the supervision of a technologist. The course is intended to produce technicians who will;
– Assist in chemical analysis and quality control in: Industry (oil, food, brewing,
detergent, textiles, etc.), Hospitals, Schools, Colleges and Research Institutions.
– Assist in Physics and Electronic laboratories with physical analyses and the maintenance of instrumentation.
– Assist in biological and biomedical analysis and experiments in hospitals, schools, colleges and research institutes.
– Prepare students for employment in related work such as sales, marketing, administration and management in the industries and also for self-employment.

Course Units

Course Course Title CU
STB 111 Plant and Animal Taxonomy 5
STB 112 Morphology and Physiology of Living Things 4
STC 111 General Principles of Chemistry 5
STC 112 Inorganic Chemistry I 4
STP 111 Mechanics 5
STP 112 Heat Energy 4
STP 113 Algebra for Science 2
STP 114 Electronic Logic for Science 2
STC 113 Technical English 2
GLT111 General Laboratory Techniques (i) Safety in the laboratory, 2
and (ii) Care and maintenance of laboratory ware and equip.
Total 35
Course Course Title CU
STB 121 Cell Biology 5
STC 121 Organic Chemistry I 5
STC 122 Physical Chemistry 5
STP 121 Electricity and Magnetism 5
STP 122 Optics and Waves 3
STC 123 Analytical Chemistry 5
GLT 121 General Laboratory Techniques (iii) Preparation of Laboratory 2
Side Shelf Reagents, and (iv) Separation Techniques and
Sample Management
COM 123 Computer Packages I 4
Total 34
Course Course Title CU
STM 211 Microbiology 4
STB 211 Pest and Pests Control 3
STB 212 Pathology 3
STC 211 Inorganic Chemistry II 3
STC 212 Instrumental Analytical Chemistry and Quality 5
STP 211 Electronics 4
STP 212 Thermodynamics & Electromagnetism 3
*STS 211 *Citizenship Education and Use of Library 2
STP 213 Calculus for Science 2
COM 215 Computer Packages II 5
Total 34
Course Course Title CU
STB 221 Genetics 3
STB 222 Ecology 5
STC 221 Organic Chemistry II 5
STC 222 Biochemistry 5
STP 221 Maintenance and Repairs of Scientific and Electronic Equipment 4
GLT 222 General Laboratory Techniques Module (vii) Vacuum Techniques 2
and Module (viii) Glassblowing
STS 221 Practical Project and Seminar 2
STA 225 Small Business Management I 8
Total 34

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