Department of Estate Management

Course Description

National Diploma Estate Management and Valuation, ND (EME)
-Mode of Study: Full-time
-Timetable: Day
-Duration: 4 Semesters
Entry Requirements: WASC, GCE(O/L), SSCE, NECO, NABTEB or equivalent with credits in English Language, Mathematics, Economics and at least one Basic Science subject
from Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Agricultural Science and/or any other one from Geography and Technical Drawing.

JAMB Examination Subjects: English, Mathematics, Physics and any other one from Economics, Chemistry, Geography, Biology, Economics, Fine Art or Technical Drawing.

Course Objectives

The National Diploma programme provides adequate understanding and skills for the management of the whole physical environment, including the economic, financial, constructional, legal, social and political aspects. It also examines the techniques, quantitative and qualitative tools, used in the practice of Estate Management. In specific terms, the graduates should, among others, be able to:
– Survey, inspect and report on land and landed property (particularly, the location and structural conditions) for development, management, maintenance, repairs and valuation purposes;
– Examine, produce and interpret building plans as well as take measurements of land and buildings;
– Carry out market surveys and other enquiries on properties and to collect, compile and compute data for valuation purposes; Manage properties for landlords in relation to selection of tenants, service of notices to quit premises, and management of buildings, facilities, etc.
– Inspect and report on state lands as well as assist in the implementation of policies regarding acquisition, allocation and administration of land resources;
Assist in processing and registration of title documents such as Certificate of Occupancy, Deed of Mortgage, Deed of Assignment and Sub-lease.

Course Units

Course Course Title CU
GNS 101 Use of English I 2
GNS 111 Citizenship Education I 2
MTH 111 Logic & Linear Algebra I 2
EST  111 Introduction to Estate Management 2
ACC 111 Principles of Accounts I 2
GNS 115 Principles of Law II 2
ARC 101 Technical Drawing 2
SUG 101 Basic Principles in Surveying I 2
GNS 110 Physical & Health Education 1
EED 125 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 2
ICT  101 Introduction to Computing 2
Total 21
Course Course Title CU
STB 121 Cell Biology 5
STC 121 Organic Chemistry I 5
STC 122 Physical Chemistry 5
STP 121 Electricity and Magnetism 5
STP 122 Optics and Waves 3
STC 123 Analytical Chemistry 5
GLT 121 General Laboratory Techniques (iii) Preparation of Laboratory 2
Side Shelf Reagents, and (iv) Separation Techniques and
Sample Management
COM 123 Computer Packages I 4
Total 34
Course Code Course Title CU
GNS 201 Use of English II 2
URP 117 Urban Planning Principles & Techniques 2
BLD 103 Building Construction I 3
EST 211 Principles of Valuation 3
GNS 227 Land Law I 2
EST 213 Introduction to Property Development 2
EST 214 Rural Land Use Economics 2
EST 215 Property Taxation 2
ICT 201 Computer Aided Design & Drafting II 2
EST 225 Principles of Property Rating 2
Total 24
Course Code Course Title CU
GNS 202 Communication in English II 2
BLD 104 Building Construction II 3
EST 221 Principles of Valuation II 3
GNS 228 Land Law II 2
EST 223 Introduction to Property Management 2
EST 224 Urban Land Use Economics 2
BLD 206 Building Services 3
EED 216 Practice of Entrepreneurship 2
BLD 208 Maintenance Technology 2
EST 228 Project 3
Total 24

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