Computer Science

National Diploma Computer Science, ND (CSC)
Mode of study : Full-time/Part-time
Timetable : Day/Evening-Weekend
Duration : 4 Semesters (Full Time), 6 Semesters (Part Time)

2020/2021 Admission is in progress…

Entry requirements

Five SSCE/GCE/WASC Credits obtained at not more than two sittings to include Physics, English Language and Mathematics and any two of: Statistics, Geography, Further Mathematics, Chemistry, Economics/ Commerce, Biology/Agricultural Science, Government/History, Food and Nutrition, Computer Science. JAMB Subjects are: 1. English Language, 2. Mathematics, 3. Physics, 4. Chemistry

The programme for the National Diploma in Computer Science is designed to provide training in the theory and application of computer science and provides a wide spectrum of application areas for the students. The Objectives of the course therefore are as follows:

1. To produce Computer Science graduates whom are academically equipped to take advance courses in Computer Science and / or related areas, thus stimulating development and research in these areas and also who are capable of applying computer science and information technology in solving problems arising in industries, business, commerce, education, medicine, government and the society in general.

2. To provide suitable service course for specialists in other disciplines to enable these specialists increase their competence, skill and level of proficiency on their various work fields. To make the students understand the IT tools as the modern development in information technology