Department of Accountancy

Course Description

National Diploma Accountancy, ND (AC)
-Mode of study : Full-time/Part-time
-Timetable : Day/Evening-Weekend
-Duration : 4 Semesters (Full Time), 6
Semesters (Part Time)
Entry Requirements: WASC, GCE(O/L), SSCE, NECO, NABTEB or equivalent, with credits in English Language (not Literature in English) and Mathematics and any three subjects from the following:
Economics/Commerce, Business Methods, Principles of Accounts, Literature in English, Geography, Office Practice, Government, Biology/Agricultural Science, Chemistry, Physics, History/Government, Typewriting, Shorthand.

JAMB Examination Subjects: English, Mathematics, Financial Accounting and Economics / Commerce.

Course Objectives

The goal of the National Diploma in Accountancy programme is to produce technical manpower that can effectively perform a range of functions the field of Accountancy, Insurance, Banking and in Financial institutions. Graduates of the programme should be able to: Demonstrate a basic knowledge of financial operations of different types of business;
•Assist in the collection and integration of basic financial data for use in investment decision;
•Prepare final accounts of companies; Assist in the preparation of short and long budget plans;
•Collect and collate relevant financial information to aid superior officers and
management in making financial decisions;
•Interpret some basic ratio, statistical and financial data; and carry out preliminary survey and feasibility studies.

Course Code Course Title CU
GNS 101 Use of English I 2
BFN 111 Elements of Banking I 2
GNS 111 Citizenship Education I 2
MTH 131 Business Mathematics I 3
GNS 113 Principles of Law I 2
BFN 115 Introduction to Insurance 2
GNS 131 Principles of Economics I 3
ACC 114 Fundamentals of Accounts I 3
ICT 103 Information  and Communication Technology I 3
BAM 211 Principles of Management  I 3
Total 25
Course Code Course Title CU
GNS 112 Citizenship Education II 2
BFN 125 Principles & Practice of Insurance 2
EED 126 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 2
MTH 132 Business Mathematics II 3
BFN 121 Elements of Banking II 2
BAM 221 Principles of Management  II 3
GNS 114 Business Law 2
GNS 122 Principles of Economics II 3
ACC 124 Fundamentals of Accounts II 3
ICT 104 Information  and Communication Technology II 3
Total 25
Course Code Course Title CU
ACC 214 Taxation I 3
STA 231 Business Statistics I 3
BFN 213 Business Research Methods 2
ACC 212 Cost Accounting I 3
ACC 211 Financial Accounting I 3
EED 216 Practice of Entrepreneurship 2
BAM 214 Company Law 2
GNS 201 Use of English II 2
ACC 213 Auditing I 3
Total 23
Course Code Course Title CU
STA 232 Business Statistics II 3
BFN 210 Business Finance 2
ACC 223 Auditing II 3
ACC 222 Cost Accounting II 3
ACC 224 Taxation II 3
ACC 221 Financial Accounting II 3
ACC 225 Public Sector Accounting 2
ACC 229 Project 3
Total 22

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