Full Time
School fees (Including Accommodation)

Science Lab. Tech(SLT): N182,000
Computer Science: N177,000
Architecture: N177,000
Quantity Surveying: N177,000
Estate Management: N177,000
Computer Engineering: N177,000
Electrical/Electronics: N177,000
Civil Engineering: N177,000
Bus. Admin: N153,000
Accounting:  N153,000

(2-3 installments allowed within a period of 5 months Maximum)

Part Time

Part time program
School fees

Science Lab. Tech(SLT): N79,000 (+N20,000 -1st year only)

Computer Science: N75,000 (+N20,000 -1st year only)

Estate Management: N75,000 (+N20,000 -1st year only)

Computer Engineering: N75,000 (+N20,000 -1st year only)

Electrical/Electronics: N75,000 (+N20,000 -1st year only)

Civil Engineering: N75,000 (+N20,000 -1st year only)

Bus. Admin: N50,000 (+N20,000 -1st year only)

Accounting:  N50,000 (+N20,000 -1st year only)

(2-3 installments allowed within a period of 8 months Maximum)

22 Responses
    1. Daniel

      I have 5 distinction in maths, English, physics, chemistry and further maths in one sitting. Am I qualified for admission (Elect/Elect)


    Thank you for this detailed information and the ease of payment possibility in installments. I only need the account details to make my necessary payments.

  2. Akin Adeniji

    May I know what certificate does the school issue her graduates.
    And how many years for full time for SLT I.e Science Lab Tech

  3. Ali

    Can someone who did arts in secondary school but but did some professional courses like cisco, register for computer dcience

  4. olayemi

    Pls ma/sir how many years for SLT ie Science Laboratory Technology and is the fees listed for the same course a one time payment or every semester or year.

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